Website terms of use ("Terms")

ARTE France is the publisher of the website named, accessible at the URL (hereafter referred to as the "Website"), which allows Users to submit audiovisual projects (hereafter referred to as the "Project") to ARTE France. 

Prior to submitting a Project, the User undertakes to read these Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as "Terms") and expressly accept them.


The aim of these Terms is to determine the conditions governing the use of the Website. The applicable Terms in force are the terms published on the Website as on the date the User visits the Website or uses its elements. ARTE France reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time to adapt them notably to changes in technology and/or legislation. The User will be informed of such changes when they are published online. The User is therefore advised to refer regularly to the latest version of the Terms.


The Website can be accessed 24/7 directly via Internet at the URL

From a computer (PC, Mac, Linux micro-computer, etc.) equipped with an Internet connection; or

From a smart phone or digital tablet equipped with an Internet connection or connection to a 3G, 4G (or other) network.

The devices mentioned above and any connection charges remain the exclusive responsibility of the User.


Afin de permettre à l’Utilisateur de déposer un Projet auprès d’ARTE France, ARTE France met à la disposition des Utilisateurs un formulaire de dépôt de Projet, gratuitement, à compléter sous leur unique responsabilité.

Pour cela, ARTE France concède aux Utilisateurs un simple droit d’utilisation du Site non cessible, non exclusif et non transférable.

In order for Users to submit a Project to ARTE France, ARTE France has made available a Project submission form, free of charge, in which Users enter the required information at their sole responsibility.

For this purpose, ARTE France grants Users the simple non-assignable, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Website.


Any Project submission by a User is subject to the User's prior completion of the Project submission form.

The User undertakes as such to duly complete the Project submission form that would allow ARTE France to receive it in the proper form and examine it, by providing the following information:

  • Company name, if applicable;
  • Company registration number (SIREN), if applicable;
  • First name
  • Last name
  • A valid e-mail address;
  • First and last names of other contacts involved in the project: director, author, etc.;
  • Nationality (French, European or non-European) of each contact;
  • E-mail addresses of other contacts involved in the project: director, author, etc.;

The User is under the obligation to provide all mandatory information requested, failing which, ARTE France will not be able to study the feasibility of the Project.

By submitting a Project via the form, the User is required to accept these Terms.

It is agreed that:

-     The User undertakes to provide reliable information allowing ARTE France to contact the User when necessary;

-     The User is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations in order to provide the information requested in the form;

-     Any use, loss or misuse of any information submitted in the form shall be the User's sole and entire responsibility;

In the event the User provides any fa lse, inaccurate, deceptive or misleading information, ARTE France reserves the right to immediately delete the Project components submitted.

As confirmation of receipt, ARTE France will send to the User an e-mail containing an acknowledgment of receipt of the Project and a processing timeline.


Projects will be received by the relevant unit once the form is submitted. The submitter will be notified of the response by e-mail within a maximum time frame of 2 months. The recipient of the response is the owner of the e-mail address entered in the section titled "My details".


By visiting the Website and submitting a Project, User are reminded that they undertake to refrain from:

  • Violating, intentionally or unintentionally, any law in force at local, regional, national or international level including:

-Any provision relating to data privacy, intellectual property, press rights, patent rights, trademarks or image rights;

- Applicable legislation with regard to data fraud;

- Rules of public order, in particular the regulations applicable to pornographic and pedophile content;

- Legislation applicable to minors;

  • Passing off for a legal or physical person;
  • Providing deliberately false information with or without intent to cause harm to others;
  • Sending e-mails or sharing content that the User is not entitled to share in any manner whatsoever outside the legal context;
  • Sending e-mails or sharing content protected by confidentiality clauses, in any manner whatsoever;
  • Sending e-mails or sharing content containing viruses, in any manner whatsoever;
  • Harassing any party in any manner whatsoever; 
  • Behaving in any way that undermines the image and/or reputation of ARTE France and/or ARTE;
  • Diverting from its initial purpose, i.e., the submission of an audiovisual Project, and any IT tools (including the Website) provided by ARTE France.

It is the User's duty to verify all content/files submitted in the form to ensure that they comply with these Terms, and thereby assumes all responsibility for these elements.

ARTE France hereby specifies that it will not systematically check the elements submitted via the form and therefore does not guarantee their veracity, integrity or quality. ARTE France cannot therefore be held responsible for the elements submitted. 


All elements of the Website and the distinctive signs of ARTE France that appear on it (brand, logos, etc.) are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws worldwide.

As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code:


Any total or partial reproduction of the Website is strictly prohibited;

The User undertakes to refrain from modifying, copying, republishing, forwarding, selling or distributing in any way whatsoever, the said Website or its constituent elements.

ARTE France remains the full owner of the tangible and intangible elements of the administration interface made available to Users so that they can submit a Project.

As such, no ownership rights over all or part of the Website's administration interface may be transferred to Users.

In this respect, Users undertake to refrain from:

Performing any form of reverse engineering of the said interface on the Website;

Decompiling or disassembling the administration interface;

Modifying or creating programs developed on all or part of the administration interface;

 Removing or deleting any proprietary information on the Website;

Reselling, letting, subletting or transferring in any manner whatsoever any rights relating to the administration interface and/or the Website.


The User guarantees ARTE France that they hold the necessary rights to submit the Project on the Website. Rights shall be taken to mean the rights covered by the French Intellectual Property Code, and in particular copyright (reproduction and representation), trademark rights, etc., on any medium.

If the User learns that their identity has been fraudulently used, they undertake to inform ARTE France immediately.

The User explicitly acknowledges and accepts that every element of their Project is submitted under their sole responsibility.

It is expressly understood that ARTE France cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage caused to Users and/or any third parties due to:

Any technical incompatibility between the tools provided by ARTE France for the purpose of submitting the Project and the User's computer equipment; 

Unavailability or malfunction of the Website, regardless of the cause; 

 Loss of ad hoc data; 

 Consequences arising from any virus; 

Force majeure as defined by the case law of the Cour de Cassation.

ARTE France shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss of information or data, loss of business, destruction or loss of a Project, bugs or errors. 

The User agrees to indemnify ARTE France for any claim or complaint, including reasonable legal fees incurred by the User as a result of their use of the Website in violation of these Terms.


These Terms are governed by French law. In the event of any persistent disagreement on the application or interpretation of these Terms, and in the absence of any amicable agreement, any dispute will be submitted to the courts of Paris.