For over 15 years, ARTE has been committed to producing works for the digital age that focus on all forms of creation and innovation, including the most hybrid genres: video games, interactive devices, VR, AR, magazines, documentary series, fiction and animation. These productions thus enable us to appeal to a continuously growing audience and offer the chance to experiment with new scripts and technologies.

As with most of ARTE's programs, these digital productions are designed and produced by teams of independent creators and producers in France, Europe and further afield, fostering a cross-cultural view of the world through the creation of works reflecting varied tones and editorial proposals. These programs are regularly showcased at events in France and abroad (festivals, fairs, workshops, etc.).

To bring out the best of these programs, our teams pool a wide range of skills in editorial, technical, project management, UX and social media fields, to offer formats that have been cleverly considered, designed and constantly adapted to new digital uses.

This space, dedicated to ARTE's digital productions, brings together information on original programs distributed over the entire range of platforms on which ARTE currently appears.

 Our editorial guidelines

We welcome original, innovative documentaries and/or fiction, worlds and projects, with open-ended themes rooted in public concerns, modernity and popular culture.

Digital platforms are also an avenue to explore, for their potential to constantly reach new audiences, and for the creative, specific shorthand that they cultivate.

Writing by young and new authors can be showcased on such platforms, in an environment that draws viewers’ attention and allows them to share and comment.

Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal

As we are in a position to commit to supporting projects during development or co-production, we are likely to consider proposals at various stages. The best way to accomplish this is to provide us with all the necessary information: 

  • text, visuals, videos and prototypes to give us a clear idea of your intentions and the current status of the proposal.   
  • documents for online publication provided in PDF or image format.
Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programme unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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