Film lovers can enjoy on ARTE, and the YouTube channel ARTE Cinéma, films from Europe and around the world that offer a unique panorama of the seventh art. The selection picks from all genres (thrillers, comedies, westerns, drama, science fiction, animation and more) to allow viewers to watch the great classics again and again, and discover today's filmmakers and tomorrow's talents.

- For film co-production proposals, please contact ARTE France Cinéma: click here

- For short and medium-length films, refer to the unit's page here

- For documentary feature films, please contact the Arts and Performances unit, or the Discovery and Knoledge unit, or the Society and Culture Unit

Our brodcast time slots

ARTE France's film unit purchases films for its on-air programming, platform and YouTube channel ARTE Cinéma. The on-air time slots devoted to films are:

Cinéma Classique, first part of Monday evenings           

Tous les Cinémas, second part of Monday evenings           

Cinéma Actuel, first part of Wednesday evenings 

Cinéma Découverte, third part of Wednesday evenings 

Cinéma Dimanche, first part of Sunday evenings        

In addition, there is an afternoon film time slot and silent films in the third part of the evening.

On its platform and YouTube channel ARTE Cinéma, the film offering is enriched with films and film collections that illustrate both contemporary and heritage cinema. The unit only purchases feature-length fiction films that have been released in theaters across France (national release). We do not purchase documentaries, even if they are feature-length and have been released in theaters.

The unit acquires free TV and/or free VOD exploitation rights. It must be possible to acquire these rights for the territories of France (including its overseas territories) and Germany. Free VOD rights may be extended to other European territories (French- and German-speaking Europe, Spain, Poland, etc.).

Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal


  • Free TV and/or free VOD rights
  • Territories in France (including its overseas territories) and/or Germany and/or other European territories.
  • Broadcast media: HD/2K/4K, new restoration, etc.
  • Language versions: original versions subtitled and/or dubbed in French and/or German and/or Spanish, Polish, Italian and English.
  • Viewing link.
Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programme unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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