ARTE France supports creativity, innovation and diversity in fiction. 

For its Thursday prime time slots, our unit co-produces French and international series. For both our on-air programming and digital offering on the platform, we purchase foreign series (mainly European, but from other countries as well to offer broad diversity).
We give priority to mini-series (non-recurring, in 6 or 8 episodes) and 26'/30', 42'/45' and 52' formats.

For its Friday prime-time slot, the unit co-produces single TV films, and gives priority to event-specific, original programming.
The film format is 90'/110'.

Our editorial policies

Tell the missing stories

Eclecticism and singularity are two of the ARTE France Fiction unit's watchwords.

For French and international series alike, ARTE France looks for compelling and original authors' points of view, and narratives with a soul. Although we do not give priority to any particular genre or theme, we do intend to venture off the beaten track of crime and news stories. Regardless of the topic and theme, and whether it is dramatic, we look for humanity, empathy and kindness through the eyes of authors around the world, the authors of tomorrow's world!


Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal


For production projects, French and international alike, in a series or single format, the form of the presentation documents is free and left to the discretion of the authors and/or producers, based on what they deem the most attractive and significant aspects to convey the "personality", the "DNA" of the project. At this stage, there is no need to assign a director to the project.

  • Biography/filmography of authors and producers.
  • Links, if any
  • No financial details will be requested.


For purchases of foreign series (documents in French or English are accepted):

  • Presentation documents: scenario, pilot bible (for pre-purchases) or viewing links for purchases of completed series. 
  • Biography/filmography of authors, directors and producers.
  • No financial details will be requested.


Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programme unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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