On ARTE France and in the documentary slots that the Society and Culture unit oversees, there are paths and incarnations for discerning writing (discerning in the sense that they build ambitious narratives, use distinctive scripting while truly making it about the viewer.

There are multiple fields in which such writing can be expressed: Investigation, Society, History, Geopolitics and Culture. And more specifically, in Grands Formats (feature length, creative documentary) and La Lucarne. 

Our broadcast time slots

Decoding our planet in all its glory. With thorough investigations into its gray areas.
First part of Tuesday evenings (90’/2 x 52’/3 x 52’ format on a highly exceptional basis)

The slot that provides insight into the world and its upheavals. 
Second or third part of Tuesday evenings (52’ format)

Topics with which viewers can relate, everyday topics that feature prominently in fellow citizens' perceptions and conversations, or topics that fascinate and compel us to question our norms and habits. (52’ format/2 x 52’ mini-series format on a highly exceptional basis) 

Slot for seemingly unusual stories that spark interest in a little-known or unknown topic, but which are ultimately universal. All narrative forms are possible, from the most classic to the rarest, as long as they are consistent with the theme.  
First part of Tuesday evenings (90’/2 x 52’/3 x 52’ format on a highly exceptional basis) or second part of the evening (52’ format) 

Breathing new life into culture, while remaining in touch with our society.  
This broadcast slot is built around two main collections: Les Romans du scandale (Scandalous novels) and Avant/Après (Before/After). 
Second part of Wednesday evenings (52’ format)  

Grands formats (feature length, creative documentary)
Major narrative accounts, works that shed light on the present and foster imagination to shift our worldview. 
Third part of Wednesday evenings (90’ format)  

La Lucarne
Films built around truly offbeat points of view, off conventional narrative paths. 
Third part of Monday evenings (45’ to 120’ format)

Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal


  • A summary of the upcoming film, not only its topic
  • A synopsis, which expands on the summary and affirms a viewpoint
  • An angle or director's statement. The angle may take on various forms, depending on the project. While there is no need to expand on the topic itself or its significance, details can be added to the submission.
  • Biography and/or filmography of authors, directors, producers and of the production company. 

These documents must be submitted together with a producer’s statement. 

Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programs unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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