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Submit your proposal for ARTE, the European cultural public-utility platform.

ARTE offers audiovisual works intended for our platform, our social-network channels and the television. Ours is an original offer of cinematic films, fictional series, documentaries, news, news magazines and even concerts and live performances. Our goal is to empower our audiences to understand, decrypt and act within the world around them as citizens. ARTE transcends national perspectives and reflects European cultural diversity.

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Our programs units

Arte-Arts et Spectacles
Arts and Performances

Stories, art, music, live performances. ARTE France tells about creation in all its forms.

Poney magique
Digital Creations

ARTE France, the European cultural platform, innovates  and creates on every screen.

Gardiens de la forêt
Discovery and Knowledge

Explore, decrypt, astonish. Themes: ancient history and civilisations, science, natural history and cultures around the globe.

Agnès Varda sur le tournage de son film Les Créatures (1965)  Photographie de Marilù Parolini © 1965 ciné-tamaris
Feature films

Masterpieces from contemporary and classic auteur cinema

ARTE Cinéma-longs métrages
Feature films – Coproductions Filiale ARTE France Cinéma

ARTE France Cinéma supports noteworthy contemporary filmmakers and actively seeks out upcoming talent from within and beyond Europe. 

En thérapie

Series that are causing a stir.

Short and medium-length films

Whether fiction or animation, ARTE France supports and introduces young international filmmakers with Court-circuit, ARTE's magazine dedicated to short films.

Society and Culture

Documentary stories, emotion, accessibility