The Arts and Performances unit produces programs on the arts and performing arts for the ARTE editorial offering (the TV channel,, ARTE Concert and social channels). These programs - documentaries, digital programs and recordings - aim to convey emotions in the visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, cinema, pop culture in the broadest sense of the term) and performing arts (music, dance and opera).

Programs are examined according to their ability to reach a wide audience in France and across Europe. The aim is to captivate viewers with compelling narratives, and strong formal and narrative choices, in the form of cultural documentaries (documentaries on major heritage artists, figures who unite us through their destinies, or pop legends), and recordings intended for linear programming or the Arte Concert offer.

This implies programs that are accessible without pre-requisites, and that can reach a wide European audience, while at the same time embodying excellence in the dual dimension of European heritage and the discovery of new talent and new forms.


Our broadcast time slots

Pop culture : second part of Friday evenings (52’ format)
Pop rock icons, heroic figures or iconic phenomena of popular cinema.

Pop concert: third part of Friday evenings
20th-century pop-rock anthology concert.

Sunday cultural documentary: Sunday afternoons (52’ format)
Major exhibitions and European artistic heritage. Moving audiences through understanding.

Maestro : Sunday in early access (43’ and 90’ formats)
The musical encounter for lovers of classical and contemporary music.Classical music, opera and dance.

Documania : second part of Sunday evenings (52’ format)
Legends, particularly from the world of cinema: great destinies and flamboyant careers.

Musica : third part of Sunday evenings (52’ format)
Documentaries on composers and performers (classical music, dance, jazz, etc.).

ARTE Concert TV : fourth part of Sunday evenings
Classical music, opera and dance.

Our ARTE Concert recordings

From stages all across Europe: rock, rap, pop, electro, metal, jazz, dance, opera and classical music, in immersive format on all screens.

Our digital productions

Innovative documentaries (series and single format) on pop culture and today's countercultures, and the impact of digital revolutions on our lives.

Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal


For documentary proposals, we require the following information:

  • A pitch not exceeding 400 characters (spaces included)
  • A summary not exceeding 1,300 characters (spaces included)
  • A director’s statement
  • Author and/or director biography and filmography
  • Short introduction to the production company or distributor


For concert recording proposals, we need the following information: 

  • Planned concert date and venue
  • Means of production 
  • Artiste biography 
  • Live recording or not?
  • Planned social media: Twitch/Tik Tok etc.


Optional information: 

  • Delivery date (if the recording is not live)
  • Negotiated rights (international or not)



Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programme unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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