Awakening curiosity and the pleasure of learning, and combining that with the thrill of discovery and knowledge. We aim to accomplish through the programs it brings to air, on the platform and on Arte's social channels.

By exploring the natural world, to be in awe of it and surprised by its boundless ingenuity.

By making sense of history through epic tales and original investigations into historical events.

By revealing science as a fascinating adventure, driven by passionate men and women. And also by providing the keys to an increasingly complex and threatened world, thus strengthening our policy of co-productions and purchases dedicated to environmental issues. More than ever, we are determined to be the voice of those around the world who are courageously taking action, finding inspiring solutions and drawing our attention to the urgency of rekindling the link between man and nature.


Our broadcasting slots

Human adventure : first part of Saturday evenings (90’ or 52’ series)
Grand documentary accounts on the history of mankind, based on scientific, archaeological, technical and artistic discoveries.

Afternoon documentaries : Monday to Friday early afternoons (individual or 52’ series)
Documentaries filmed all over the world, via immersion or on the move with individuals on personal quests related to the natural world and human societies.

Discovery : Monday to Friday afternoons (43’ series)
Documentary series with a strong focus on the environment, devoted to the natural world, wildlife films or natural stories demystified by science.

Science : second part of Saturday evenings (52’ series)
Documentaries devoted to the most recent breakthroughs in research, with the intention to inform, question and change our perspective on the world and ourselves.

Thema : first part of Tuesday evenings (90’ series)
Investigative documentaries on science and society topics, in the form of investigative journalism.

Digital productions : variable format
Original, singular creations that may cover all the themes that the unit holds dear (science, environment, health, ancient history, archaeology, discovery of the natural world and cultures, etc.) and that are in line with contemporary forms of creation and narration.

Download our editorial lines

Information necessary for the submission of your proposal

For co-production requests : 

  • A summary that presents the original idea and film project (account of the film, not its subject)
  • A synopsis not exceeding 5 pages, which expands on the summary and affirms a viewpoint
  • An angle or director's statement
  • Biography of the production company
  • Biography of the director and/or author 
  • Teaser/mood board if one is available

For purchases :

  • a link to the film
  • a summary
Generic selection process

Receipt confirmation of the proposal

Study within the programme unit

Notification of the answer within two months

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